Company Report

Ship Report

Benchmarking Reports

Provides the status of Country for a selected period of time and ship type, age and tonnage range. For each KPI used (DPI, DER, DIR, FDR), the deviation from Global average is displayed along with the Average Deviation Rate. The top 10 deficiency areas marked in Country’s ports are displayed and for each area the deviation against corresponding category of Global statistics is displayed.

RISK4SEA provides several useful reports for specific time periods in order to help ISM Managers to:

– Identify possible weaknesses
– Find the current PSC status of a Country or Port that their managed vessels is going to trade
– Prepare to address local PSC requirements
– Benchmark their performance with other similar fleets and operators

Users may review the KPIs and inspection analytics for the last Quarter, last 4Qs or 12Qs (i.e. 3 years) or for a specific calendar year.