PSC Global Statistics (Last 4Q)

1,71 Deficiencies per Inspection: DPI
2,34% Detention Rate: DER
45,22% Deficiency Inspection Rate: DIR
8,45% Five Deficiencies Rate: FDR

R4S Intelligence Platform

PSC Analytics & Benchmaring

Time Periods

RISK4SEA is an online intelligence platform providing PSC inspection analytics & benchmarking. Using big data analytics an ISM manager may benchmark his ships, fleet & company against industry standards and get a clear insight of his performance gaps and a roadmap to continually improve.

RISK4SEA provides several useful reports for specific time periods in order to help ISM Managers to:

– Identify possible weaknesses
– Find the current PSC status of a Country or Port that their managed vessels is going to trade
– Prepare to address local PSC requirements
– Benchmark their performance with other similar fleets and operators

Users may review the KPIs and inspection analytics for the last Quarter, last 4Qs or 12Qs (i.e. 3 years) or for a specific calendar year.