Analyzing Safety Performance

We believe that Performance Transparency and Common-Sense Benchmarking is essential to raise industry standards. With our online platform you can identify best in class performance and alarming trends.

Insightful and Interactive Analytics

We provide 5 years of data of 400K PSC inspections for 40K ships and 4.5K managers, presented in the most interactive way with a simple click in an insightful format.

Providing a commonsense Analytics Engine

We use a commonsense analytics engine with simple maths avoiding rocket science methodology. We compare similar fleet segments and age groups to arrive to useful conclusions, assisting stakeholders to take the next step.

How we may be of assistance

We provide analytics for 23 fleet segments including all Bulkers, General Cargo, Tankers, LNG, LPG, Container, Offshore and all other major fleet segments


Demographics, historical data & trends of 6 KPIs for 23 fleet segments, updated monthly


Detentions Analysis for the last 5 years with deficiencies, detainable items and alarming trends for 23 fleet segments, updated monthly


Advanced Reports and Benchmarks for Fleets, Ports & Managers against industry with detailed analysis of underperformance and alarming trends


Advanced Insights for Large Fleets on Manager Base, Flag, Class and P&I performance against global benchmarks for all fleet segments

We provide an easy and scalable way including pay as you go way to introduce you to the platform


for forthcoming PSC inspections


 performance to identify strengths & weaknesses


fleets against competition and the industry









Data delivered your way 

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 Online Access

Get online access to our platform with a subscription for you and your team.

XLS Reports

Get the data you need at the specific range criteria, in data ready to be used format

PDF Reports

Get the specific PDF report at the required criteria, ready to be presented in PDF format

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