Australia – Capesize (>100k dwt) PSC Intelligence CY 2022

Australia is an area with high rate of dry cargo trading conducted by Capesize bulk carriers which are large-sized bulk carriers typically above 100,000 deadweight tonnage (DWT). Such ships cannot transit the Panama Canal and hence, the way from Atlantic to Indian & Pacific is conducted via the Cape of Good Hope. Capesize ships are mainly used for the transportation of coal, iron ore and commodity raw materials.

Australia PSC Inspections Data 2022– Capesize (>100k dwt)
Key Figures of Calls and PSC Inspections
  • Global Benchmarks for CY 2022 for capes: DPI=1.21 and DER=1.96%
  • Most of Capesize calling Australian ports have PSC KPIs (DPI & DER) higher than global average
  • The Ship Inspection Ratio (SIR) of ships is rather high, compared with rest of the world (where the maximum is near to 5%)
  • More than 20% of capsize managers calling Australian Ports are inspected (at least once), and in some cases (Dampier, Port Hedland) up to 40% of the managers are inspected.
Most Common Deficiency codes on Capesize PSC inspections

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