Global PSC Scorecard (1st Semester CY 2022)

This RISK4SEA Report about CY2022 – H1 Global PSC Detentions, includes most common detainable deficiencies and ports with most with most inspections per fleet segment.

Key figures
Global KPIs
Ship Type & Age Detention Analysis (1st Semester CY 2022)
Top 10 Most common Detainable Deficiency Codes (1st Semester CY2022)
Highlights (1st Semester CY 2022)
  • General Cargo Ships show the worst detention ratio among other ship types
  • Middle aged bulk carriers (11-15) marked 2 times the detentions of age group 20+
  • 1 ship detained three times during 1st Semester CY2022: General cargo V MIRACLE (YoB:2005) of China Based Manager @ Nanao, Japan (12/01/2022) Nakhodka, Russia (04/04/2022) and Huanghua, China (10/6/2022)
  • 22 Ships detained twice during 1st Semester CY2022:
    9 x General cargo
    5 x Container
    3 x Bulk Carrier
    2 x Ro Pax
    1 x Tanker (Product)
    1 x LPG
    1 x Livestock Carrier

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