Port Hedland PSC Highlights Capesize (Noe 19 – Oct 22)

This RISK4SEA Report about Port Hedland PSC Highlights Capesize (Noe 19 – Oct 22) includes unique inspections vs unique calls & re-inspections, deficiencies code profile (Capesize>100K DWT) (top 25 def) along with many insights.

Key figures
Unique inspections vs Unique calls & Re-inspections*

*Re inspections do not include follow up inspections (within 15 days from Last inspection date)


A Capesize vessel (Liberia Flag) operated by Singapore based manager was inspected and not detained in Tokyo MoU during last 5 years.

Port Hedland Deficiency Code Profile (Capesize>100K DWT) (top 25 def)
Key Findings
  • Port Hedland is considered to be a challenging port, for Capesize vessels
  • Almost half of the Capes calling (5 out of 10) are inspected
  • No matter if a vessel has been inspected again in same port or MoU, a new inspection is always probable.

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