Apply a Detention Elimination Policy!

What is the Detention Elimination Policy (DEP)
The Detention Elimination Policy (DEP) is a service to identify all critical calls in advance using the automated Next Port of Call Risk Assessment via API with an alert follow up in case of a risk of the call being critical and/or tailor the Risk Assessment to your needs  in three (3) Steps:

Step 1: The Ship Manager provides Next Port of Call data Via API
The next Port of Call data may be provided by the Ship manager via API through the processing of the noon reports and other internal systems or alternatively via a  provider of Ship positioning and Marine Traffic Data.

Step 2: Automated Port Call Risk Assessment on the RISK4SEA Platform
As soon as the Next port of Call Data is available the RISK4SEA Platform may process an Automated Next Port of Call Risk Assessment (POCRA) and provide back to the Ship Manager the result of such Assessment.

Step 3: Notification of Manager and Ship
The feedback to the ship Manager may be via API, or E-mail notification or other as otherwise agreed in advance involving specific persons and teams, including Ship Staff as required by the Ship Manager. The Feedback may include:

  1. The Probability of a forthcoming PSC Inspection indicating if the Inspection is either improbable, probable, or certain along with any associated Red Flags
  2. The Severity of a forthcoming PSC Inspection indicating if the inspection will result in Minor, Significant or Major, findings along with any associated Red Flags
  3. The Overall Port Call Risk Assessment (POCRA) status indicating if the risk of the call is Minor, High or Critical
  4. A Ship, Manager and Port Specific Prioritization Checklist to assist the manager and office to minimize risk and prepare accordingly.

The details of the Risk Assessment and the notification along with all critical details may be fully tailored with the client via the API development and setting process.

Learn more about the Next PSC Port of Call Risk Assessment (POCRA) at the relevant page.

Benefits of the Detention Elimination Policy Service

No Room for Error

Fully Automated Process

Targeted Optimised
Preparation in Advance