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  • What we offer with the FREE Version

    RISK4SEA may provide the FREE VERSION for 30 days on the following basis


    What you will get with the FREE Version

    • Unlimited access to the platform for 30 days
    • Real Data within of the platform to be updated within 30-45 days (not latest version)
    • Full access to ALL the features of the platform (up to and including the Benchmarking scheme features)
    • Limited number of reports to four (4) report request for each report, for the total duration of 30 days
    • Full access to all KPI, Detentions, Reports, Demographics and Insights of the platform
    • History function on the profile menu to revisit the requested reports
    • Full access to the PDF Library
    • One (1) user
    • No Ship Login

    What you will NOT get with the FREE Version

    • Unlimited access to the platform for more than 30 days
    • Latest data updates to the platform that have been effected within the last 30 days (data updated weekly)
    • Unlimited number of reports (function available to Preparation/Benchmarking schemes)
    • Many Users (function available to aPreparation/Benchmarking schemes)
    • Ship Login for the ships under management (function available to Preparation/Benchmarking schemes)

    Once you familiarize yourself with the platform you may opt in for the Extra, Preparation or Benchmarking Schemes


    Need to check the full features of each scheme ? Check out our Pricing Schemes.

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    1. Reply will be provided within one (1) business day to any valid corporate mail.
    2. Requests with insufficient corporate data and/or coming from non-corporate mails (Gmail, Yahoo etc.) will not be replied.
    3. Free Version will be provided ONLY to valid corporate mails (validated at a corporate website) of existing organizations managing ships for the fleet they manage.
    4. Please see our Privacy Statement for information about how we use your personal data.
    5. Please note that any order and use of the services provided by RISK4SEA are governed by our Terms and Conditions.
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