Port Hedland PSC Highlights Capesize – L36M (Dec 20 – Nov 23)

This RISK4SEA Report about Port Hedland PSC Highlights Capesize – Last 36 months (Dec 20 – Nov 23) includes key figures in Port Hedland along with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Unique inspections vs Unique calls & Re-inspections. Furthermore, a PSC highlight about a Capesize vessel along with Key findings are depicted. Finally, the report presents the Port Hedland deficiency code profile.

Key PSC Figures in Novorossiysk
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Unique inspections vs Unique calls & Re-inspections*
Highlight: A Capesize vessel (Singapore Flag) operated by Hong Kong based manager inspected
Port Hedland Deficiency Code Profile (Capesize>100K DWT) (top 25 def)
Key Findings
  • Port Hedland considered to be a challenging port, for Capesize vessels
  • Almost one third of the Capes calling (3 out of 10) are inspected
  • No matter if the vessel has been inspected again in same port or MoU the inspection is always probable.

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