Singapore PSC Scorecard (CY2022-H1)

This RISK4SEA Report about CY2022 – H1 Singapore PSC Detentions, includes unique inspections vs unique calls and most common deficiencies.
Key figures
Global KPIs
Unique inspections vs Unique calls
Most Common Deficiency
Key Findings
  • Singapore for H1 CY2022 considered to be a challenging port, as all basic PSC KPIs are higher than the Global Average.
  • 4,354 unique vessels called Singapore during H1 CY2022, but only 439 of them went through PSC inspection (10%).
  • Focus on inspections is given on Containers as they mark the higher numbers of inspections vs Calls ( significantly above average).
  • However, no container had been detained during this period while most of the detentions have been marked on tankers (8 out of 11).
  • 128 unique LPG ships & 71 unique LNG Carriers called Singapore but none of them were inspected. 
  • 02199 – Other(structural Conditions) is the most common Deficiency overall.

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