USCG – Tankers PSC Analytics 2019

This RISK4SEA Report about PSC inspections of PSC for tankers in 2019 includes age group analytics, most challenging US ports for tankers, deficiencies per inspection, detention rate, most common visited US ports for tankers, Top 10 PSC Deficiency areas and Top 10 PSC Detainable Deficiency areas.

Inspections data – Tankers (2019)
Age group analytics
Most challenging US ports for Tankers
Deficiencies per inspection (DPI)
Detention rate (DER)


Most common visited US ports for Tankers
Top 10 PSC Deficiency areas – Tanker
Top 10 PSC Detainable Deficiency areas – Tanker
Summary overview
  1. The Detention rate for Tankers in US Ports is low (0.68%) compared with Global Tankers Detention rate (1.13%).
  2. Almost 8 to 10 inspections in US ports for tankers, end without deficiencies as the Clean Inspection Rate is 78.8%.
  3. Operators prefer not to send old tankers to US Ports (20+ years old), however when such tankers are inspected in USA they seem to be very well prepared as they show a very good PSC performance.
  4. New builds (below 5 years old) show a zero detention performance.
  5. The two most visited US ports for Tankers, Houston and Long Beach show detention rates below average. Long Beach specifically showed a zero record of tankers detention during 2019.
  6. Portland, Philadelphia, Mobile and San Francisco, were the most stricter ports in respect of detentions for 2019.
  7. Fire safety is the top deficiency category marked for Tankers, how ever the most common detainable category for 2019 was Pollution Prevention.
  8. ISM related deficiencies is another challenging area for tanker operators in order to avoid unnecessary detentions in US ports.

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